Sunday, December 29, 2013

Let me be Julie Andrews for a second...

Hello my darlings! WOOSH! 2013 is almost over! Where in the H did the year go? So I have something to admit. I haven't really read any new books for like the last week and a half. I keep looking at all of my beautiful, never-before-read library books knowing that they will bring me adventures BUT then I look at my bookshelves and crack open a book I've already read and loved. That is when you know you've loved a book! When it becomes something you want to experience over and over again! So a lot of re-reading for me but with the new year coming I'll pick those library books back up...eventually! So today I wanted to do something fun and different! I wanted to share with you all of my wisdom and discoveries that I had in 2013! Fun right?! :D Stick with me kid! So first off in 2013 I discovered...

  • The Avett Brothers! You guys! This is my ultimate music love of 2013! I listen to them endlessly! Seriously! I can't really think of another band that constantly takes my breath away with their words and their performances! Plus I find the whole rugged band boy thing kind of attractive. No judgement-all God's children. My absolute favorite performances that I've watched one too many times...

  • Next I was scrolling through Facebook and decided that this is my absolute favorite embarrassing moment of 2013-

Today I had this quirky lady customer that grabbed my left hand, seeing no wedding ring and then raised it in the air and yelled to her son in the back of the store, "Honey!!! Great news!! She's single!" O dear floor open up and swallow me whole...

Yep that happened! It wasn't the first time...probably won't be the last! hahaha

  • Next I discovered the TV shows Reign and Scandal and have fallen in love with them both! So good! (Yes I do occasionally put down my books and watch some good ol' TV)

  • Relationship wise I learned a whole bunch! First I learned how bittersweet it is when your best friend decides to get married! It's a different and lovely situation that takes time getting used to!  I learned that family is the best thing to rely on because they are kind of stuck with you. I'm so grateful for mine. Another lesson: nobody is a better best friend and angel-like person than my mother! I learned that when people keep telling you that you found a good guy it's not always a good thing. What's that old saying? O yes! "Nice is different than good." I really love my life and I'm enjoying my single life! I know that eventually I'll fall in love but until then I'm having a really good time and don't worry about it! Worrying doesn't help so I choose not to! :D I also learned that school is hard and wonderful!  I learned that no matter what religion you are it's really important to hold onto belief and hope that somebody out there in the universe loves you exactly the way you are. I also learned that it is so important to be a KIND person! :D 

  • And finally my last favorite thing about 2013 would be this blog and that amazing support that so many of you have shown me while trying to build and grow it! I love my nerdiness and can't hide it! And if you can't hide it then you must embrace it! :D 

BRING ON 2014!!!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Guest Vlogger: Mama Leisha's Top 7 Books of 2013

I had so much fun enlisting the help of my sister to make this super fun video! She knows what she's talking about so listen up! Plus I love the photo I made as the thumbnail of the video! Doesn't she exhibit the ultimate joy books bring!! hahaha enjoy!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Books for MEN

You asked me for it and now I think you'll be really satisfied! This is books for men! Less snogging more blowing things up! Enjoy!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Top 13 Books of 2013

This was not easy but without further ado... MY TOP 13 for 2013!!!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Boys in Books are Better

I am in fact dying of laughter over this song! It's brilliant! Love it!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My December to be read pile

This is what I am reading this December! What are you reading? :D

Names of the authors that I couldn't say...

The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo and I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas from Heaven review PLUS ornaments!!

This is my review of Christmas from Heaven the story of Gail Halvorsen and some beautiful Christmas ornaments!

Here are some lovely pictures for you...

About the Book
Christmas from Heaven is the story of the humble beginnings of what became a beacon of hope to a war-torn land, the story of Gail Halvorsen, a young pilot in the US Army Air Corps who was assigned as a cargo pilot to the Berlin Airlift, in which US forces flew much-needed supplies into a Soviet-blockaded Berlin.

As he performed his duties, Lt. Halvorsen began to notice the German children gathered by the fences of Tempelhof Air Base. Knowing that they had very little, he one day offered them some chewing gum. From that small act, an idea sprang: He would "bomb" Berlin with candy. Fashioning small parachutes, he and his crew sent them floating down as they approached the Berlin airport, wiggling the wings of their C-54 as a signal to the children that their anticipated cargo would soon arrive.

Lt. Halvorsen became known by hundreds, if not thousands, of children in Berlin as "Uncle Wiggly Wings" or "The Candy Bomber." Word soon spread, and donations of candy and other supplies poured in from sympathetic Americans. Lt. Halvorsen's small idea became a great symbol of hope not only to German children in a bombed-out city but to all those who yearned for freedom.

Famed broadcast journalist and author Tom Brokaw brings this remarkable true story to life in a stunning live performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, captured on the accompanying DVD. Also included in the book is a template and directions for creating your own “Candy Bomber” parachutes.

And the ornaments...

I lied to you in the video-they are $19.95....apologies! 

Create a Christ-focused holiday tradition as you review the sacred names of the Savior. Display these antique pewter-finish ornaments on the tree, as gift tags, or adorning a wreath on the front door. A scripture reference accompanies each ornament, perfect for a "Twelve Days of Christmas" countdown. 12-piece set.