Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tale of Light and Shadow

Hey hey ya'll! There is a new book out from Shadow Mountain Publishing that looks like this....

Nice cover! It looks like a Death Eater has strayed into Camelot! That's right! It's A Tale of Light and Shadow by Jacob Gowans! Wanna know what it's about?! Of course I'll provide you with a synopsis! :D
Enter Atolas, a world where swords and daggers both extend life and end it, where magic is feared by all but a few, and where feuds and friendships influence kingdoms and courtships. Henry and Isabelle have secretly sworn to marry despite his lowly station. Though Henry is but a carpenter, his devotion drives him to commit an unthinkable act that may cost both of them their lives. At the same time, a secret, dark prophecy has set in motion events that will affect not only them, but the thrones of rulers throughout all of Atolas, threatening to eclipse the world in shadow. But all is not lost while hope remains in the guise of an unlikely hero and the strength of friendship.

ON SALE...NOW! :D If you like fantasy you should check this out! 

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