Friday, November 1, 2013

Listen to Arthur...

Sorry I have been blog slacken! I promise you I have a bunch of good things coming your way! More movies! More book reviews! I'm still searching for a giveaway! I's going down!!! But this week has been cray-cray with school and Halloween and work SO instead of a book review I want to talk about supporting your local institutions! Without further ado-

My roommate finally got a library card!!!!!

Ahh the library! My holy land! Books galore and an occasional DVD if I feel like it! Did I mention it's all free! It's like the best "credit card" on the planet! Swipe away! It's not going to do anything to your bank account! And you'll get a TON out of it! It's like my getaway place and I love it! I'm like a proud momma for my roomie here!

We did end up getting some good October books! Perfect for the season! And I'm excited to see if I like Ready Player One because it's getting pretty good reviews on Goodreads! :D

Just remember in the words of Arthur-

Go get yourself a library card and see what magic can happen! I would never steer you wrong on this!!! BIG FAT KISSES!!!

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