Sunday, September 1, 2013

Emily does it again...

O Sunday! How I love thee! It's the perfect time to introduce a new book by Emily Freeman! I'm a huge fan of hers so I was absolutely excited when I found this book!

I think the cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous! It's painting by Annie Henrie and it's amazing! Anyway-on to the book! Emily Freeman has decided to tackle different stories in the Old Testament. It teaches in the midst of every challenge or adversity, one thing is certain—the Lord will deliver us, and the Old Testament can help us understand how. We may not be called upon to cross the Red Sea, be led into captivity, or be confronted by armies with strength far greater than ours. But there will be days when we face obstacles, danger, oppression, and injustice. We can experience the sustaining power these biblical stories can have in our own battles of life as we remember that just as the Lord delivered the children of Israel, He has the power to deliver us. So this book is flat-out phenomenal! I loved it!!!! Hearts and stars and big fat X's and O's all across the board! I would like to cyber hug Emily Freeman and just say thank you for your beautiful thoughts on life and what it's all about! I needed to "hear" or rather read everything in this book because I was searching for a little inspiration! I think one of the reasons that I like Emily Freeman so much is because she is able to simplify and magnify different gospel stories and principles. She made me see the Old Testament (not the easiest of reads) in a whole new light! Go and read it! I promise you will not be disappointed! 

"Sometimes you just need to know the Lord is near. Sometimes the journey seems long, and although the scenery is breathtaking and the companions pleasant, there are moments when you might wonder if you can take another step. Perhaps it is the heavy load you shoulder. Maybe it is the fear of what lies around the next corner. It could be that you're not quite ready for the detour, or the change of course, or the incline that lies ahead. Do you know those moments? The Old Testament taught me that there is One who is with us through every journey, through every wilderness place, and through every mountain moment. He is there through the detours, and the changes of course, and the occasions that cause us to climb vertically. He is the Deliverer, Jehovah. He is Jesus Christ. He will be with us on our very worst days. He will help us get through the longest nights. He will bring peace through the times of heartache. And in the moments we long for deliverance, He will not leave our side. He lives, He loves us, and He will deliver us. Of this, I am certain." -Emily Freeman

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