Saturday, August 17, 2013

I thought of you today...

Holy heavens above! My last few days have been CRAY CRAY! I've worked...I've been preparing to teach a lesson in church. My best friend decided to abandon me and go and live with a boy for time and all eternity! I've been fighting my strange addiction to go and buy a bunch of school supplies. (Failed...I do love the crayons I bought though!) My escape from reality is usually found in the crisp pages of my dearest book friends. But even they failed me. I have read a couple of books the past two days but I wouldn't recommend them to you because they were simple not ones that I would come up to you and beg you to read. I have very high standards for you all and wouldn't spoil/waste your time! I went and bought a bookshelf finally because mine is ridiculously full and sadly assembled it backwards! The whole time I was putting it together, hammer in hand, I was laughing on the inside thinking, "Who needs a man!? I can do this! All the single ladies...all the single ladies!" Then I flipped it upright and NOOOO!!! (I actually used a lot stronger language but I don't want you to think less of me so let's stick with NOOO!!) My girl instincts really kicked in when I tried to fix said mistake by painting the wrong sides with white nail polish...FAIL! Life is like a black diamond trail. Take off my skis and wait for my family in the lodge I'm done! I do have a few posts on reserve for you but I'm saving them to BAM blow your mind later! I had this moment of feeling like I failed you...and then I started thinking about all of the people who support me in this book addiction of mine! So today this post is for you...because instead of whining and being sad about my ability to assemble a bookshelf...I want to count my blessings! AND tomorrow I will post about books which I always love but TODAY I need gratitude. Today I'm grateful for...
1. Mackenzie Munns and Katie Veil and Michelle Bernston for being my amazing friends that like my blog posts and share my stuff! LOVE YOU guys! Kenz I often think of sending you a big box of books as a thank you!! :D
2. My Deseret Book peeps-especially Shauna, Jen, Courtney, Monica, and Heather! They talk blog and books with me and I love them for it!
3. My sister-in-law Camille for sending me super nice and encouraging emails telling me that my blog is good! Love her for that!
4. Austin Maughn-I always get excited when he sends me these pins on Pinterest. This is true friendship! Here's one of my favorites!
5. Cody Lowery for being like the best photographer I know! She took all the picture of me on the main page of this here bloggy blog! She's also a friend-Because she puts these pictures on my Facebook wall and it makes me happy!

Coolest cupcakes ever! 

6. I thank the people who want to be my friends on Goodreads and Twitter! I thank all of you for being amazing lights in my life! I thank you for recommending books to me! I do actually listen and check them out! BIG FAT KISSES!

7. AND FINALLY I thank Matt Palmer for sending me this video...because as a book lover I was on the floor laughing and I want to be her for Halloween! Enjoy! I hope you have a very grateful and happy day!


  1. 1. I love Studio C. That sketch was hilarious!
    2. Thanks for the sweet shout out! :) I love you!!
    3. I wish that I had more time to read! You make me want to just buy all these books and go to a private island and read for a straight day!