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Hello all! Today I would like to tell you all about one of my favorite authors! O and just because the title says teen reads I'm a firm believer that young adult fiction is for EVERYBODY!! So-Ladies and gents-MEG CABOT!!! She was my main teen go-to author when I was in high school and I loved every second of reading her books! I love her because she writes crazy situations and inspiring, quirky heros! She is best known for her series the Princess Diaries! She has written a ton of books so I made this into a blog series! Welcome to part one! But today I want to tell you about my favorite stand alone books that she has written! I promise you'll love them if you are in the mood for love and laughter!

#1 Avalon High

Do you love the story of King Arthur and Camelot?! For some reason I find stories of knights and kings and damsels in distress enchanting! I love them! In this story-Avalon High seems like a typical high school, attended by typical students: There's Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. And Will, senior class president, quarterback, and all-around good guy. But not everybody at Avalon High is who they appear to be ... not even, as new student Ellie is about to discover, herself. What part does she play in the drama that is unfolding? What if the bizarre chain of events and coincidences she has pieced together means -- as with the court of King Arthur -- tragedy is fast approaching Avalon High? Unique and awesome! 

#2 Jinx

Perfect for fall and Halloween time! Do you love a good witch story?! I sure do! This one has a bit of a scary element to it! It's not easy being Jinx. The only thing Jean Honeychurch hates more than her boring name (not Jean Marie, or Jeanette, just...Jean) is her all-too-appropriate nickname, Jinx. Misfortune seems to follow her everywhere she goes—which is why she's thrilled to be moving in with her aunt and uncle in New York City. Maybe when she's halfway across the country, Jinx can finally outrun her bad luck. Or at least escape the havoc she's caused back in her small hometown. But trouble has definitely followed Jinx to New York. And it's causing big problems for her cousin Tory, who is not happy to have the family black sheep around. Beautiful, glamorous Tory is hiding a dangerous secret—one that she's sure Jinx is going to reveal. Jinx is beginning to realize it isn't just bad luck she's been running from. It's something far more sinister...and the curse Jinx has lived under since the day she was born might just be the only thing that can save her life.

#3 Teen Idol

This was one of my absolute favorites in high school! It's because the main character is a good girl! She is a peace keeper. She is a problem solver. She can help anybody...she just can't seem to figure out her own life! Introducing Jenny Greenley! High school junior Jenny Greenley is so good at keeping secrets that she's the school newspaper's anonymous advice columnist. She's so good at it that, when hotter-than-hot Hollywood star Luke Striker comes to her small town to research a role, Jenny is the one in charge of keeping his identity under wraps. But Luke doesn't make it easy, and soon everyone—the town, the paparazzi, and the tabloids alike—know his secret...and Jenny is caught right in the middle of all the chaos. Fabulous! 

#4 How to Be Popular

This book is FABULOUS if you want a read about doing what is popular versus doing what is right! Everyone wants to be popular - or at least, Stephanie Landry does. Steph's been the least popular girl in her class since a certain cherry Super Big Gulp catastrophe five years earlier. Does being popular matter? It matters very much - to Steph. That's why this year, she has a plan to get in with the It Crowd in no time flat. She's got a secret weapon: an old book called - what else? - How to Be PopularWhat does it take to be popular? All Steph has to do is follow the instructions in The Book, and soon she'll be partying with the It Crowd (including school quarterback Mark Finley) instead of sitting on The Hill Saturday nights, stargazing with her nerdy best pal Becca, and even nerdier Jason (now kind of hot, but still), whose passion for astronomy Steph once shared. But don't forget the most important thing about popularity! It's easy to become popular. What isn't so easy? Staying that way. 

Now my last one is not a stand alone BUT I strongly DISLIKED the sequel so I pretend that it doesn't exist! :D Ignorance is bliss! The reason I love this one I'm going to tell you about is because it reminds me of this...

Dear 90's kids-please tell me you still remember My Date With the President's Daughter! What a classic! Which brings me to-

#5 All-American Girl

Samantha Madison is an average, cool Washington, D.C., teen: She loves Gwen Stefani (who doesn't?), can draw like nobody's business, and enjoys being opposite to her sister's annoying ultra-social personality. But when she ditches art class one day, she doesn't expect to be jumping on the back of a wannabe presidential assassin. Soon the young hero is receiving worldwide acclaim for her bravery, having dinner with her family at the White House, and is even being named teen ambassador to the UN. As if this weren't enough, she and David, the president's son, strike up a friendship that everyone wants the dirt on, which starts to give her romantic "frisson" feelings. Unfortunately, Sam thinks her sister's boyfriend, Jack, is the true love of her life, and she makes a few wrong turns that could screw up what she's developing with David. Will she ever stop following what she knows and start following what she sees? Told you the situations that Meg Cabot comes up with are crazy! :D 

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