Sunday, June 16, 2013

In my completely biased opinion...

Hello all! In this review I'm going to admit to being completely biased but completely truthful! I'm not being paid but I do accept love and cookies! First you need to know something about me-I do not cook! I could have named this review confessions of a potential diabetic! I have the diet of a trucker. I like to go to certain fast food places because I crave their sauces! (Chik-Fil-A you win baby!) Chik workers know my order and know that you always put extra sauce in my bag! We've also had some fun life discussions while waiting for my chicken to fry! It's always "their pleasure". I've even had some of them cross the parking lot to my work and visit me! The workers know me by name at Costa Vida and know my voice over the phone! I don't even have to say anything they just know! It's always fun when they say, "Okay Erika we'll see you in a few!" We are now at the stage in our relationship where they are writing me love notes on my lid! I love them too! I also love pork salad! :)

I have exactly three staple food items in my kitchen. Those are milk, cereal, and a snack of my choice that week like crackers. Sometimes I crave sugar and will splurge and buy cookies or I go all thief and steal things from my parents house! One time we compared my shelf to my roommates-

So my shelf is on the left and you can see Oreos and Chips Ahoy and Crunch N' Munch while my roommate's on the other side has like a gallon of wheat and other various health items! The Lucky Charms? Those are mine! I don't actually believe in these mythical and magical things called "calories". Hmmmm....maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit here! I can bake! See- it's just that my recipes don't usually have under a cup of sugar....p.s. this picture was taken at two in the morning so don't judge! We were hungry!

So...why all of this information on my obviously healthy life? Well because today my book review is on a cookbook! But not just any cookbook....THIS cookbook...

This my friends just so happens to be the best cookbook on the planet! It's AMAZING!!!! I sell tons of them at my job! But wait! I did say that this was a biased review! I just so happen to know all of these lovely ladies and love them very much! They are like a clan of happiness! They started their blog to swap recipes and then BAM it spread like wildfire and they became super popular! They do crafts and recipes and just spread joy! Hence the cookbook! If you gather enough recipes it's bound to happen! But two of these lovely sisters hold an especially special place in my heart! Sister number one is Camille! She is the oldest of the sisters and just so happens to be my sister-in-law!!!

I simply adore her! We hold hands sometimes! hahaha My brother married her when I was 15 years old and have just loved her face ever since! She is a rockin' blogger and mommy! Did I mention that her cookbook has recipes that might actually BLOW YOUR MIND!? O good-now you know! ;)
Now sister number two of my heart is Stephanie! Stephanie came into my life when I was 19 and in search of a roommate! I knew from Camille that she was a super nice girl and so I thought that we'd get along all right! Well-4 years later and we've lived in 5 different houses together! We've been through crazy roommates and many different hair shades together! She's my bestie! She's my eternal companion until I find my eternal companion!

Friends times infinity!!

See...she cooks...she has a cookbook...that you should look into!

So this last week Stephy got engaged to an amazing guy named Andrew!!!! They are ADORABLE together! I'm pretty excited that Steph and I made a pact that I'm allowed to live with them in the room over the garage! I will be like the Uncle Jessie to her Full House! In the words of Elphaba, "Who can say if I've been changed for the better, but because I knew you I have been changed for good." This is my small tribute to her and I love her mucho macho much! CONGRATS love! Now back to the cookbook! That's why you're here isn't it...apparently I got sidetracked by awesomeness! The fabulous thing about this cookbook is that every recipe is family friendly and easy! My mom has been tutoring me in the art of cooking (she's afraid when she dies that I'll follow two weeks later from starvation) and we've been using this cookbook! I'm a super picky eater and they have food that I will actually eat! It looks like this-

and this-

Also, did you think that I wouldn't give some credit to the photographer of some of the pictures in the cookbook?! He is my big brudder so it only seems natural! Plus he sat me down with the cookbook and told me about each picture he took! haha he's the best!

So as a third party observer that has absolutely no interest in the matter I think that you should DEFINITELY go and check out their cookbook! I believe that you can find it at any bookstore and and can even get it in ebook form. Knowing me I would accidently drop my tablet into whatever I was making but it's a brilliant idea for the competent people! haha So in conclusion-good food, family, and best friends=10 stars and big fat kisses from me! Maybe I'll become a world class chef after all! Or just see if I can make some more friends at Wendy's! ;)

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  1. Erika, this just totally made me entire day!! I love you! And I am CRACKING UP at the stories of all the restaurants that know you and love you! :) Thanks for being wonderful! Love you!! xoxoxo!