Sunday, June 9, 2013

Since it's the Sabbath...

Hi ya'll! Since it's the Sabbath I decided that I will do my first post on some spir'tual books! My blog is called Snogging on Sunday so today we're covering the Sunday part! Did you think that the Sunday meant ice cream? HA! Fooled ya! This post was an easy decision for me! The author of the day is....Brad Wilcox!

I swear I pick authors that look like the nicest people on the earth! We'd be friends I just know it! I had the opportunity to hear him speak at Time Out for Women up here in Logan, Utah (sidenote: I was actually working at the time and snuck away to stand in the doorway so I could see inside the theater-hope my boss wasn't looking for me too hard) and was just blown away by his speaking abilities! So it's no secret at my job that I LOVE Brad Wilcox books! People will ask me for a good book on a gospel topic and I just run to the Brad Wilcox section and tell the customer not to question me and just buy it! :) He is a good author to read if you are just breaking into reading gospel books! I think it's super important to find authors that speak to you personally and this is just one of mine! Everything that he writes I'm like..."Hmmm yes, you are absolutely right about everything!" Also sometimes when people try to write about serious topics they tend to get wordy. I struggle through books if I have to keep my Webster dictionary next to me at all times. (Do people still have dictionaries!? I feel like they and encyclopedias and Macklemore are out there in thrift shops hanging out feeling spiteful towards google and technology! O dear...I'm now treating books like they're people! Moving on!) Brad has also contributed to some compilations but I won't be reviewing them-just know that they are most excellent as well. He also has many, many audio talks (My favorite would be Learning Not Earning Heaven) that are just fabulous! So my first book of his is...

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! Did I mention that this book is amazing?! I feel like I have learned so much about the Atonement from this book! It was deep yet simple enough for me to follow and understand! It was mind blowing in parts where I was learning things I've never even thought about before! Such a spiritually enriching book! I actually know a few people who have read this book and completely changed their lives around. I highlighted the heck out of this book so I'll try to pick some of my favorite quotes!! 

"Through His Atonement all of us can be covered, helped, comforted, and ultimately embraced." -pg. 47

"We've already learned that the Hebrew word that is translated into English as Atonement means "to cover." In Arabic or Aramaic, the verb meaning to atone is kafat, which means "to embrace." Not only can we be covered, helped, and comforted by the Savior, but we can be "encircled about eternally in the arms of his love" (2 Nephi 1:15). We can be "clasped in the arms of Jesus" (Mormon 5:11). In our day the Savior has said, "Be faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of God, and I will encircle thee in the arms of my love" (D&C 6:20)." -pg. 60

"This life is about becoming better. The English word sacrifice comes from two Latin words: sacer, meaning sacred, and facere, meaning to make. Christ's sacrifice is not just to make us free from the grasp of sin and death, but to make us sacred. The Atonement is not just to cleanse, but to complete; not just to comfort, but to compensate; not just to liberate, but to lift." -pg. 71

C.S. Lewis said, "we have not yet had the slightest notion of the tremendous thing He means to make of us" (Mere Christianity). -pg. 118

"Trying and slipping and trying again is not mocking God as much as it is honoring Him...Christ's broken heart is more powerful than our broken promises and Satan's blustering and empty threats." -pg. 161

"I remember as a young schoolteacher (with a large and active class) asking my wife, Debi, "When does life even out? Why does if always feel like a roller coaster with so many highs and lows all in the same day? I wish life would just level out." Being a nurse, Debi replied, "Brad, when you get hooked up to the heart monitor, you don't want to see a straight line. That's bad news. It's the up and down lines that let you know you are alive.""-pg. 188

Fantastic read!!! Very worth it!  :D Now next-

The cover originality is not the best but I really dig the silver so I'll let it pass! :) Okay, my review-

"Inborn in every man is a strong find God and to worship Him," (President Benson) I loved it! Didn't hear me the first time? I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! I used capslock so you know I am serious! :) Brad Wilcox is a spiritual wizard! (okay he's not a wizard....but he is like the Hogwarts of spiritual!) I always learn so much from his books! He lays out concepts so simply that they become simply profound. This book is about how we, as humans, need to be constantly progressing but at our own speed and at God's speed. What's that old saying? "Life is a race that you eventually discover you are only competing with yourself." I think that's how it goes! Brad Wilcox says in life, "We are not earning a treasure in heaven, but learning to treasure heavenly things." (23) Mainly God accepts us how we come unto Him and He makes or molds us into the best possible versions of ourselves. And that is a beautiful thing! :) "A God who asks nothing of us is making nothing of us, and that is not the case. In this symphony that is my life, God is not content to be a member of the audience or stage crew. He is not even content to be the conductor. He wants to be the composer." (17) I think that any book that encourages you to be better in life is definitely worth the read. Here's one of my many favorite quotes.
"True faith is not just knowing God can, but knowing why sometimes He doesn't. True faith is not just believing that things can work out perfectly, but trusting when sometimes they don't. True faith is not just receiving your answer, but accepting His." (39)

So read it. L0ve it.  Hope your Sunday is splendid! Go eat some ice cream! You've earned it!  XOXO

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