Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's a BOOK GIVEAWAY...only you're doing the giving!

"Give" said me and the little stream! That's right people! It's time! It's time to give back to others! You wanna know why? Because mankind and womankind is in a serious need of a shot of happiness. The economy stinks, bees are dying, movies are pretty much all sequels now...But I still love happiness! (I threw a New Girl quote at ya there) It's not that hard to spread a little love! JUST SMILE! Wanna know a seriously nerdy fact about me? I totally write down quotes that inspire me from movies! One time I didn't have any paper with me in the movie theater and so I wrote down what the person said on my arm. It was super dark in the theater so it looked like a horrible tattoo done by a blind man but it was worth it! If you want to know what movie it was it was Harry Potter! HP always has profound things said in it! :) So when I was sitting through all the long hours of The Hobbit it was only natural that I wrote down this quote-

I always thought that he was a wise old wizard! Maybe it's the beard! Dumbledore...Gandalf...maybe those whiskers give them profound insight into our lives! It is not the gigantic acts of kindness that are worthwhile. Don't get me wrong-they do have their worth! But it is the small acts of everyday living that are going to influence the world in the end. So why all of this attention to giving back? Well my friends I know of a bookstore that is giving back this summer! I just so happen to work at it! hahaha Their promotion this summer is...

I'm so pumped up about this! Here's what's going down at the ol' Deseret Book! You give-you get!

Deseret Book is looking to give back this summer with its Summer of a Million Gifts. The store’s customers can anticipate random daily in-store gifts and an opportunity to win one of three grand prizes. They are:
An 8-dayCaribbean Cruise with Alex Boye, British-born LDS singer and songwriter, courtesy of Morris Murdock Travel. 
A missionary wardrobe courtesy of Mr. Mac. 
And one couple will win a wedding reception courtesy of Temple Square Hospitality. 
The giving will take place online and in person at every store throughout the summer months. Each day on Deseret Book’s official Facebook page and in Deseret Book stores, an associate will give a gift to at least one customer a free pass to Lagoon theme park, double Platinum points, a free book at check-out, an act of service, or some other free prize.
For more information on how to enter you can click this link here : Giveaway

It's really true! We've been giving away TONS of gifts at my job all month long all the way until August! So fun! I've given away bottles of water and soda. I gave away BBQ sauce that we sell to this big burly looking guy in honor of Father's Day!  He was stoked! I told him he needed to go grill some meat ASAP! I've become extremely lightheaded when trying to supply every child that comes into the store with balloons! Helium is apparently hard to come by nowadays! The spotted vision is WORTH it! :)
So since this is my book blog and I am a huge book nerd I will also tell you about something else you can do to give back! My "give back" suggestion. It's called Chapters of Hope! Their motto: Give a book, change a life! That's my motto in life too! Or it's "buy all the books in the world because you're an addict"-either or!  Books need people-people need books. It's just that simple!

I love this picture! When you donate to Chapters of Hope all of the money goes to giving children books! I did my research-it says "nearly 50,000 books have been shipped to areas such as Ghana, the Pacific Islands, Russia, Eastern Europe, and most recently Zimbabwe."

So here's the most awesome part about Chapters of Hope! They never ask for large amounts of money! We're talking one dollar here peeps! It's so nice! The ways you can donate-
1-You can donate your change to them at ANY Deseret Book location. I don't have a lot of money but I always roughly about a dollar in change on me and Deseret Book will take it if you give it! Isn't your coin purse annoyingly heavy anyway?! $.50 well spent!
2-You can purchase one of these adorable stuffed animals at Deseret Book and all proceeds will go to Chapters of Hope! Only $7 dollars! Option 1 & 2 also give you an excuse to come visit me at work! :)

I think that the giraffe is so precious so I chose him! His name is Gerard! hahaha and-
3- You can donate $1, $5, or $10 dollars at this link- Chapters of Hope I recommend going and looking at the stories! I loved them! So what do you say?! Wanna do something extraordinary this summer? ;) Don't forget to READ and SMILE today! It's truly great to be alive!

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