Friday, June 7, 2013

My first pressure!!

I wrote my introduction to my brand new blog-hit publish-then had the realization that I had absolutely no clue where I was going to start! Then it hit me! I have to start with my favorites! Also this can be a review of many books in one go which helps this blog get a few book reviews on it! Why not start with one of my absolute favorite authors! Ladies and gentlemen...I give you Marcia Lynn McClure!
Doesn't she just look jolly? She is the queen of clean romances! I truly believe that her ultimate goal in life has been to make people feel like they are sixteen and experiencing love for the first time again! I covet her books! I have a few of them in paperback and they are well worn for being read multiple times! One day when I have a few more dollars in my bank account I won't hesitate to buy the whole collection! I went Lady Pac-Man on her books and chewed them up! I remember I called it my Marcia pilgrimage because I literally didn't read any other author for about a month! I was so disappointed when I ran out of books and still get excited when she brings out a new one! I will list the books and then list some of the things that I've said about them! She also writes in many different time periods so you can get westerns, Old English, and modern day settings that are so fun! So without further ado, here are some Marcia's books!! There's over 40 and I couldn't get them all pictured but I did get a few of my favorites on there! (Did you just get shivers?! Because I did! :) )

Now some of the things that I have said about these books! It's always fun to quote yourself!

"So cheesy but I loved it! haha I just love how this girl throughout the whole book has super fine men coming after her with passionate kisses! Good clean chick lit!"

"Guilty pleasure read without being too guilty! Excuse me I have to go fan my face for a bit from all the blushing!" :) 

Review of Dusty Britches: "Marcia needs to write faster because I have found myself adoring her books! Dusty Britches (not pictured above) was definitely up there on my favorite list and here is why! It wasn't just the challenge of writing one romance oh no in this story there are THREE!!! And due to the time it is written in all of them tiptoe around each other because of society standards while you as the reader just want them to say to heck with society let's just be in love! Also I really related to Dusty and the fact that she was hardened due to heartache. I can really understand that and it does change you sometimes. The protagonist in this story portrays a walled up broken heart beautiful with all of her doubts and fears and slowly learning that the walls need to come down. Unrequited so thank you for writing a book on unrequited love that becomes requited (is that even a word)" ;) 

"Definitely worth the read if you are forever in a fairy tale mood like I am!"

"3.5 to 4 stars due to the fact that yes the knight is very dreamy in it! Who doesn't love a good book about a dreamy super hot knight that loves passionate kissing?!"

"I was looking for a cute quick frothy romance that make the pit of your stomach get all fluttery a couple of times and I found it! I can always count on Marcia to get my pulse racing with her cute little love scenes that are just cute not too racy!"

Review of the Pirate's Ruse: "This one  had me on the edge of my bed gripping the book freaking out! My father walked into my room took one look at me and just walked back out because he knew I wasn't even coherent to anything else around me! Seriously my favorite hero that Marcia has written! I don't know if it is because he's a pirate or if her writing is getting more developed but I was in love with him! O wait he's fiction! ALSO bless my soul a fiesty heroine at last!!! The dialogue in this is hilarious because even though she is a hostage it's like she doesn't care and will say whatever she likes! Bravo to strong girls!" :)

"I find Marcia McClure's writing charming! In the author's note she said,
" My one wish-that your experience in reading The Time of Aspen Falls is simply this-I hope it made you smile! I hope The Time of Aspen Falls was able to lighten your heart a little-help you rise above the stressful times we're al enduring right now-even if it was only for a little while. We need more humor, hope, romance, and sweet simple delights in our lives. We all need more of that-more time to breathe-more time to daydream!"
So thank you for a couple of hours of just pure cuteness!" :D

Review of Kissing Cousins "Super cute! The title had me a bit worried at first! Like o no they'll fall in love and then find out they're cousins-but that didn't happen so no worries! :) It's good to read a little Marcia now and then!"

Review of The Light of the Lover's Moon: "LOVED this one! The Queen of Clean Kissing at her best! As I have been reading (and who are we kidding re-reading AND re-reading) Marcia books I'm finding that her later writing is just becoming that much greater! I love the depth that she is putting into her characters! This book makes me want to call up my childhood chums and climb trees again and play night games and tell ghost stories! I have one specific thing that I absolutely loved about this book and it's how she tied romance into the night. It's not the moon-it's the lover's moon. And I loved the stars but if I go in depth into that I'd have to mark this as a spoiler and I don't wanna! :) But I'm okay with leaving a teaser and I'm okay with it because I get to quote a character I adored from this book!
"I left the most beautiful part of the house to you 'cause it reminds me of you, all sparkling with life and love. I left the stars for you, Violet Fynne." -Buddy Chisholm"

Review of The Tide of Mermaid Tears: 
 "She (Marcia)  just excels at the almost touch and the long wanting glances. This one is on my top favorites list because she weaved mythology throughout this story making it enchanting. I am a fan of any "fairy tale by the sea" because the ocean alone is mysterious and magical so it just naturally sucks me in!" :)

Review of Untethered: 
"I loved Untethered! I loved it because it was a little more...gritty! There's murder and scandal and villains...even mention of...BROTHELS :O! Tee hee! Her characters actually get a tiny bit steamy! (By the way that doesn't mean a ton because Marcia books are usually PG rated but it was just fun to have a little more steam and by steam I mean a mild humidity/moist feeling!!!) O my that makes me sound awful! O well I tried! haha You have to read it to see what I mean because if I write what I mean I'd have to mark this as a spoiler! It just felt like Marcia was being completely true to her story so I really liked it! Read it and you'll know what I'm talking about! And OF COURSE our hero! In true Marcia fashion that man could be shot by 10 bullets and dragged away by wild horses and the next chapter still come back for more! Very knight in shining whatever on a white steed! I did love Heathro (Mason Carlise don't worry-you're still number one) I was reading this on my Kindle so I don't know what page but I was 95% of the book done and I was still getting set up for surprises! Good ones! It was an excellent blend of romance and fun which is why I read these books! For the bubbly-I'm-still-sixteen feeling!" :D

Review of The Trove of the Passion Room
"So good! Did I expect anything less? Answer: Nope-not really! While this wasn't my absolute favorite (Pirate Ruse being number one) it's still definitely on the top ten list! I love that Marcia can write a book for any time period! If it's olden days it's a lot of longing or smoldering looks and brief touches. If it's one of her modern books it super fun dating situations. From westerns to old english to modern day each book holds something special! In this particular book I loved the message of out of all the treasures in the world love is the most valuable. Hmmmm now I just want to sing "All You Need is Love" about the Beatles. This book is great so you should read it and "....all you need is love, love, love is all you need."" :)

Have I convinced you yet?! If not then hot dang I sure tried my hardest! Thanks Marcia for making my reading experience a joy and a pleasure! :) 


  1. She's one of my favorite authors as well!! I'm pretty new to the blogging world too, and I don't think there can ever be enough of us to spread the word of our favorites. :)

    Here's the link to my post today (a Marcia book, of course):

    I'll be sure to add you to my list!!

  2. Erika, I am so happy to find a fellow Marcia lover!! She has been one of my favorite authors ever since my dear friends at work Makae Doxey and Nicole Fulgham introduced her to me. I feel that she opens up my heart to find my own love-even if I don't want to have to be captured to find it ;) Great post!!