Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Book Trek

Where was this last month when I read a bazillion LDS titles!? I decided to accept a challenge this summer and thought I would let you in on it too in case you want to win some prizes! Now that I think about it I probably shouldn't let you in on this so there's more prizes for me! hahaha Okay, okay...I'll let you in on it!

To enter click here

The basic info

Who: Calling all fiction readers!!! (If you’re under 18, you have to have your parent’s permission.) You do not have to be LDS to participate.
What: A summer reading challenge! Read novels by LDS authors.
Set your goals and track your progress. No goal is too small; no ambition too great. Feeling overwhelmed? Make a short list. Finish early? Add more books (or not). Change your mind on a title? Drop it. No pressure, no minimums. Make changes to your list as desired.
Earn points every day throughout the month. More points = more chances to win books!
Where: The blogosphere.
How to Participate:
1. Post your reading list on your blog.
Use one of our SBT buttons in your post and/or on your sidebar. Link back here so your friends will come play too.
2. Join up using the Simply Linked form.A link to the form will be posted in the sidebar a few days before the Summer Book Trek begins. Signing up here is a MUST to participate because we want to be able to find fellow participants and cheer each other on.
3. Rack up the points to win prizes!
We will use a Rafflecopter form to collect points throughout the entire month of July. A link to the Rafflecopter form will be posted in the sidebar a few days before the Summer Book Trek begins. You can earn more points every day.
**Don’t have a blog? You can simply use your email-for more info how to do this click here and scroll down to the bottom of the basic rules.** 
Why: We need a reason to read?!? Says who???
Prizes: Prizes will be books (print and/or ebooks) provided by LDS authors, their publishers, or others. Prizes will be shipped/emailed to the winners by the sponsor. Print books will be limited to U.S. addresses; but e-books are open to anyone.
  • Winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email. Odds of winning dependent upon number of prizes and entries. It is possible that someone could win multiple prizes.
  • Winner may choose their prize. Prizes are labeled by the format of the book (Print, eBook, or Your Choice). Once a prize has been claimed, the winner’s name will replace the label.
  • Additional book prizes will be added throughout the reading challenge.
  • Sponsors have the option to send prizes as they are awarded or to ship prizes at the end of the challenge.
  •  Winners have one week after the close of the reading challenge to send me their mailing information. Challenge ends on July 31, 2013.
So let's win ourselves some books! Plus it's summer! A prime time to read! 
My list of soon to be attempted reads subject to change (once finished I will turn them the color blue)
  • Onward Alone
  • Janitors 2
  • Janitors 3
  • The Orchard
  • Belonging to Heaven
  • Glimmer of Hope 
  • Abinadi
  • The Walk
  • Athena
  • The Brothers (Chris Stewart)
  • Undercurrents
  • Palace of Stone (Shannon Hale)
  • something by Jenni James
  • Do Over
  • Tide Ever Rising
  • Blackmoore
  • Fablehaven #2

Those are all I can think of right now! Let the challenge begin! :) 

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